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Handcrafting Beauty

We're extremely proud of our skilled craftsmen at Tartan Construction for their incredible work at the Hennersby Hollow Amenity Center!

Check out the beautiful HAND-BUILT pavilion located right next to the playscape – a space that's just perfect for families to gather, picnic, and spend memorable moments.

Walk over to the pool, and you will find six striking trellises that, too, have been hand-built by our team. Perfect for adding shade during those hot summer days! The Tartan Team has also built two similar but unique pool gate trellises that welcome you to the calming serenity of the poolside!

The team is currently hard at work finalizing each detail and we can’t wait to show off the finished project! Stay tuned for more updates and glimpses into our teams exceptional work at the Hennersby Hollow Amenity Center!

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