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One of our favorite projects!

Throwback to one of our favorite projects at Tartan Construction! 🚧❤🐕‍🦺 #MakeADifferenceMonday

We always strive to make a difference in our community, be it through our building or remodeling work. However, a project we completed for Marisol, a strong and spirited 21-year-old battling MS, will always hold a special place in our hearts.

We were approached by Petunia's Rescued Friends, who had rescued Fritter, a Coonhound/Great Dane mix. Who was now in training to be a service dog for Marisol. Fritter would be an integral part of Marisol's wellness journey, offering her the independence she desired and deserved, by assisting with walking stability and picking up dropped items.

Yet, in order to accomplish this, Marisol needed a secure environment where Fritter could undergo training, along with the occasional puppy zoomies.

That's where we, Tartan Construction, came in. Understanding the gravity of this situation, we gladly stepped in to provide Marisol with a secure fence, ensuring she and Fritter could train, play, and build their relationship in a safe, secure backyard!

Today, we're so happy to look back on this project. It was a lot more than just construction. It was a collaboration of a community to change a life for the better - both Marisol’s and Fritter’s. Stories like this are what make us so proud of our work! 🐾🚧🏡

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